• A long-term cooperation

    with the forging money establishment of the National Bank of Serbia

    A long-term cooperation
  • The jewelry store Safir

    has collaborated with many prominent companies, enterprises, educational institutions, organizations all over the years ...

    The jewelry store Safir
  • All the motives are forged

    the motives are persistent, are not erased as when engraving, and that is what makes them eternal.

    All  the motives are forged
  • Fineness of the golden coins is 900‰ (22k)

    and the silver coins 925‰.

    Fineness of the golden coins is 900‰ (22k)
  • The jewelry store Safir

    the only one in Serbia produces gold and silver coins with proof technique.

    The jewelry store Safir
  • We offer you

    a rich collection of all available motives

    We offer you
  • The jewelry store Safir

    Design making and conceptual designs are partially or completely according to your ideas and requirements.

    The jewelry store Safir
  • Religious jewelery

    rich experience, a long tradition and satisfied clients

    Religious jewelery
  • Optionally jewlery production

    We can provide you a complete service, fromnthe concept to the final product.

    Optionally jewlery production